14 Movies Even Movie Experts Find Mind-Blowing

People that watch good movies often will encounter a serious problem sooner or later — they’ll run out of good films to watch. But fortunately, decent movies pop up quite often, we just don’t always notice them for some reason.

Bright Side wants to recommend several great movies that might have slipped under your radar.

The Art of Racing in the Rain, 2019

Racer Denny makes a spontaneous purchase: he buys a golden retriever and calls him Enzo. The dog becomes a new member of his team. He takes part in races and shares the best moments with his owner. He makes his peace with the new girlfriend that Danny brings into the home and learns to be a pet to the entire family.

But life is also a competition that forces you to chase your happiness. And no matter what, Enzo is always ready to support his owners.


Swallow, 2019

This film tells the story of a woman named Hunter. She is attractive, lives in a great house, and is married to a rich man. But she eventually finds out that she’s pregnant and her everyday life as a housewife and the attention she gets from the family start to drive her crazy. In the end, Hunter finds a strange way to fight the stress: she swallows different objects that have nothing to do with food.

On the Milky Road, 2016

This is a movie starring Monica Bellucci and Emir Kusturica. The film revolves around a love story developing during the war. A milkman that can speak with animals meets Bride. She falls so deeply in love with him that she’s willing to do anything not to lose him. The film is full of love, magic, and sunshine, just like all of Kusturica’s movies.

Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, 2016

The film is set in 2007 during the Iraq war. A squad of some young guys, including the 19-year-old Billy Lynn, engage in a fierce battle. Their actions get put in the spotlight and catch journalists’ attention. Soon after, the entire country learns about the boys and treats them as national heroes. Billy is sent home for a few days to take part in a promotional campaign and observe Thanksgiving with his family. But the man is haunted by the memories of the war where he’s set to return in 14 days.


King of the Belgians, 2016

Nicolas is the King of Belgium and loves his job. He goes to Turkey but during the trip, he finds out that the country is on the edge of a crisis. The King needs to return to Belgium as soon as possible but all the flights are canceled because of bad weather. This causes the monarch and his assistants to go on a dangerous trip where they have to cross borders illegally, run away from snipers, and talk to locals.

Promising Young Woman, 2020

Cassandra is a very promising girl. She’s a good medical student and is smart and responsible. But a tragedy turns her entire life upside down, causing her to drop out of college, find a job as a waitress, and lose sight of all her goals. However, she still has one goal in mind: to get revenge for what happened to her.

Just Mercy, 2019

This lawyer is not someone who can live with injustice. He fights for equal rights for everyone and despite all odds, takes on the case of a wrongly condemned death row prisoner. Even though all the evidence insinuates that the defendant is not guilty, the lawyer is going to have to do a very good job in order for justice to prevail.


The Farewell, 2019

A young Chinese writer finds out that her beloved grandmother is terminally ill. The family has to meet to see her for the last time but nobody wants to tell her the bad news. In order to make the visit as normal as possible, they come up with an excuse: the marriage of one of her grandchildren. But he isn’t actually planning on getting married yet.

Give Me Liberty, 2019

Vic was born into a family of Russian immigrants who left their homeland many years ago and moved to the US. He works as a driver for a taxi service and transports people that can’t travel on their own. One day, a group of Soviet immigrants get into his car and need to be taken to the local cemetery. Vic doesn’t feel very good about it and he’s right. It turns out to be one “unforgettable” ride.

The Painted Bird, 2019

The movie is set during World War II. In an attempt to save their son from the Nazis, a Jewish couple sends him to a European village to his aunt. But she dies and the boy has to fight for his life and his future on his own.


Truth and Justice, 2019

A farmer from Estonia buys land hoping it will be fertile and make him rich. But the land is swampy, so all his dreams are shattered. He understands that nobody is going to help him so he asks the higher powers to bring him something good.

A Hidden Life, 2019

This is a story of the Austrian Franz Jägerstätter who lives in a small village and is the head of a charming family. But when World War II starts, he is called to join the military. When he returns home, he understands that he doesn’t want to fight and his children, along with his wife, give him the strength to refuse the call.

The Best of Enemies, 2019

What do the head of the Ku Klux Klan and an equal rights defender have in common? The former enemies become very close after they appear on the same committee that is supposed to solve the problem of racial discrimination in the school their children go to.

National Theatre Live: All About Eve, 2019

This movie tells a story about an adult theater star that has to leave her job as a very popular actress. Very soon, she might be replaced by a younger, more attractive actress. But the theater is not a place where people just get up and leave. And all the space behind the scenes is filled with violence, intrigue, and other gripping events.

Are there any movies that don’t often appear in the “best film” compilations that you would likely recommend to anyone who likes good stories?

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